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Looking for Umeshiso products near you? Support our incredible stockists! We are proud to partner with these thoughtful, quality-focused, community-oriented businesses offering the very best in their categories.

Based in Canada. Shipping worldwide.

Eight Ounce Coffee is a company of coffee people passionate about specialty coffee and all the fun gear and equipment that go with it. They started in 2011, and are now the biggest specialty coffee equipment distributor in Canada. They operate out of a thirty thousand square foot warehouse in Calgary, with team members in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto.

Eight Ounce sells only the best quality product in every category – never selling knock-offs or imitations. “We support those who innovate, not those who copy,” they say. “We love the community of coffee in Canada – and wouldn’t be where we are today without it.”

Umeko, founder of Umeshiso, says: “It’s a dream to work with Eight Ounce today, after purchasing coffee gear from them since 2013! Eight Ounce puts quality first and goes above and beyond for their customers. Their wonderful team is supportive, knowledgeable, and community-focused, with an emphasis on uplifting marginalized communities. Check out their exceptional whole bean coffee offerings and follow them on Instagram!



Based in Canada. Shipping worldwide.

Specializing in handmade Japanese knives, Knifewear quietly opened in March (Hamono-ya) 2008 in Calgary. Since they they have added stores in Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto and Edmonton. Knifewear’s knife stores have become a destination/hang-out for those who love Japanese steel and are addicted to sharp.

Knifewear carries knives not found in any other shop in Canada. Says Knifewear, “We like exclusive, scary sharp, high performance blades, and travel all over Japan to find them. We also aim to have awesome selection of chef quality tools for your kitchen, whether you are a professional working the line, or someone at home looking for tools to kick it up a notch.”

Umeko, founder of Umeshiso, says: “We deeply admire Knifewear’s kind and knowledgeable team of Japanese steel enthusiasts. Not only are they wildly fun and sweet folks, they are driven by passion and quality, with an emphasis on inclusivity, community & environmental responsibility. Check out their informative content on Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok too!”



Based in UK. Shipping worldwide.

It all started with Jay-Z. While on holiday in Croatia back in 2013, Grace had a dream where she was talking to Jigga about her business plans, and he told her “You have to call your business Penny & Meriwether.” When she woke up, she bought pennyandmeriwether.com and held onto it for the next 7 years, waiting for the right time.

Pete founded sister company Clockwork Espresso in 2014, where he designed PUSH – the world’s most precise coffee tamper. To meet customers’ demand for customization and branding, Penny & Meriwether was born.

Penny & Meriwether creates magic for their customers with their engraving services and products. They have curated a range of the very best coffee equipment and drinkware from around the world that can be personalised or customised with your name, logo or picture of your dog with their trusty laser engravers and just a little touch of magic.

They work with brands such as Fellow, MiiR, Umeshiso and TOPL to bring you thoughtfully designed coffee cups, tumblers, kettles, grinders and much more coffee equipment.

Umeko, founder of Umeshiso, says: “When I competed in the US Barista Championships. I carefully selected each tool to reflect the best offferings of the coffee industry. And of course, I chose the PUSH coffee tamper. Today, we are proud to partner with PUSH’s sister company Penny & Meriwether, a quality-driven, detail-obsessed, and deeply fun team of laser wizards. We are honored to be among the beautiful products expertly curated for P&M’s cuting-edge laser services!”


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